Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The time is getting closer…


A little of this and a little of that…some things new…some old.










Some of the items being used for wreaths, small decorated trees  and flower arrangements.

I am looking forward to using them in the decorating madhouse – which will commence next week.


Remember it is “My Style”…what is yours?



Monday, November 1, 2010

Still creating...



I am going to try something new this year in the realm of decorating in the Watkins home. After Christmas decorations are removed the house looks so bare.   There are some of my normal decorating items that can be placed in several locations. However, the coffee table, mantel, and dining room table seem to just scream for a seasonal dress. It is too early to put out Spring/Easter items  so this year I am going to use a cold snow like approach to my method madness. Somewhere out in the blog world I read about another wild decorator went this way too. She used snowmen as they are really not just for Christmas. I already have several in my Christmas stash and have now picked up a couple or so at yard sales during the summer.


Remember this from a few days ago?


Back to what I am creating – picture in your mind this  candle holder was really a clear plastic vase. I turned it upside down – painted it a silver and then glued it to a small mirror. It needed something to stabilize it.  These items were purchased at my local Dollar Tree .So far so good – going like I had pictured in my mind.


From my collection of “stuff” –both new and old – I selected candle, ribbons, faux flowers and leaves, and berry branch thing.  Of course, my trusty glue gun was my choice of an assistant. Could only use it a small amount as hot glue melts candle.


Looks pretty good – don’t you think.  Height is 16 inches…which will work on the mantel – or at least that is where I am thinking at this point for placement.


This silver thing in the middle of the bow was retrieved from a gift years ago…it seemed to look at home right in the center.


I made two – one on round mirror – other on octagon mirror.


Using this silver is certainly a change for me – I always have been a “gold” person – but after using all this silver I find that it is really growing on me…will definitely be using it.


If you are asking yourself…why am I concerned with decorations for the new year that is two months away. I know I am on the crazy side…but my way of figuring that after the Christmas stuff is down and packed away I can immediately get out the “New Year” items and be ready to play.