Friday, March 2, 2012

Latest trial and error project


While checking out some you-tube

video’s I came across one that

made butterflies from silk flowers.

I knew there were some old

ones in a tote in the shed…checked

it out…came up with some that would

sort of be like the video showed.

Anyway, these were the result of my

first attempt with what I had on hand.





Sunday, February 26, 2012

“For Baby” cards




The other day I decided

to see if I could create

some baby type cards.

After doing some research on

the computer I found several baby

patterns…of course I had to do

some changes to suit my taste.


It was fun working with such tiny

prints and patterns.



There is only one person at this

time I plan on giving one of these

cards to along with the gift.





Cute colorful diaper.






100_3830Pretty in Pink




A new star  - bouncing baby boy





100_0703Never to young to wear pearls.




 This is more for a one-two-three year old instead

of a baby.





So tiny…




Walk close to God for his protection.



Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some new designs

100_3748 Introducing Roxanne – one of the “My Girls” theme cards.


100_3761 This is  “Rosie” – one of the “My Girls” theme cards.

100_3755 The design is one I am using for men’s birthday cards this year.

100_3778  Card is for Millie – granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. Tilda is this pretty child’s name – one of the “My Girls” theme cards.


Stormy and Tramp – my furry assistants.



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine cards - 2012




This is the general design

for the

Valentine cards made

so far.


The background of the

cards is really

red – on this screen it

looks orange though.


Still learning different techniques.

May not be great in this hobby


I am having lots of fun!”





Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Bunny Make-over

Last year after Easter

I checked out the sale items at

Hobby Lobby. Seems like

everything was 75% off.

Found this bunny rabbit…I

liked the cuteness and

different style.


However, when unpacking she/he

this year I was not found of the

drab colors of the accessories.



Took away the scarf, details on the base, and the ribbon on the hat.


Went on a chase through my sewing stuff as

well as my artificial flowers to add

some color and pizzazz.



Added a hand-made flower to the ears – already

looking better.

The straw hat got a band of chartreuse

rick-rack and a button flower.

Added some purple buttons down the

tummy line.

Decided with these it has to be a

girl bunny.


This shows the changes

some what better.


Thought about placing Miss Barbie Bunny



However, decided I like her better

between the tall skinny bunnies.


How did you decorate your bunny rabbits

this year?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If I were rich…







I would have fresh flowers all the time.100_5849

We received these from our Sunday School

class this past Sunday.

I took an unexpected trip

to the ER by ambulance on Thursday night.

Leon had a throat procedure on Friday.

Northing serious for either of us.



We are truly blessed as this could have been bad news.


I saw no sense in separating these flowers

into a yellow bunch and still another red bouquet…just put them together.

Used the red candles from Valentine decorations

in the yellow candle sticks

( a recent purchase from Goodwill. Left some of the rest of Valentine

items to complete the look.