Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Bunny Make-over

Last year after Easter

I checked out the sale items at

Hobby Lobby. Seems like

everything was 75% off.

Found this bunny rabbit…I

liked the cuteness and

different style.


However, when unpacking she/he

this year I was not found of the

drab colors of the accessories.



Took away the scarf, details on the base, and the ribbon on the hat.


Went on a chase through my sewing stuff as

well as my artificial flowers to add

some color and pizzazz.



Added a hand-made flower to the ears – already

looking better.

The straw hat got a band of chartreuse

rick-rack and a button flower.

Added some purple buttons down the

tummy line.

Decided with these it has to be a

girl bunny.


This shows the changes

some what better.


Thought about placing Miss Barbie Bunny



However, decided I like her better

between the tall skinny bunnies.


How did you decorate your bunny rabbits

this year?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If I were rich…







I would have fresh flowers all the time.100_5849

We received these from our Sunday School

class this past Sunday.

I took an unexpected trip

to the ER by ambulance on Thursday night.

Leon had a throat procedure on Friday.

Northing serious for either of us.



We are truly blessed as this could have been bad news.


I saw no sense in separating these flowers

into a yellow bunch and still another red bouquet…just put them together.

Used the red candles from Valentine decorations

in the yellow candle sticks

( a recent purchase from Goodwill. Left some of the rest of Valentine

items to complete the look.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 14th


A day set aside to pay

extra attention to our loved ones

There does not have to be a lot of money spent.

Just show lots of kindness, sweetness, and love.


Happy Valentine’s Day



Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Take cold weather


comfort food



weight gain.


I enjoy cooking so wanted to show

you what I have been creating

in the Watkins kitchen.



Cherry Pie

Home made crust naturally.

Made this Sunday afternoon.


Then today Leon wanted Mexican cuisine  from the


Watkins La Casa house.




Fried beef burritos, Mexican rice and refried beans.

All created from scratch.

So spicy and tasty.




Had a couple of apples so decided to

make apple tarts. First I peeled and cored them,

added some cinnamon sugar to the center ,

spooned a bit of caramel topping to the center also.

Brought the crust up and around to completely

encase the apple. To show my love to my honey

I added three pie dough hearts to the top.

Served them with a tidge of ice cream and a bit

more caramel.




Spring time had better get here quickly

so the added calories can be worked off.


I love to cook – for those who love to eat!

Picky people make me nervous.




Friday, February 4, 2011

I goofed

Most times I post my decorating pictures on  this blog.


Brain not functioning properly – old age? Or too much snow?


Anyway, to see what I have been doing for Valentine decorations at the Watkins love nest, check out my other blog.





Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Decorations

December decorations are packed away .


Not ready for spring colors – nor do I wish to go the earth tone colors – want something that is bright, cheerful and out of the ordinary.


The white, blue and silver are not colors I normally use. Why, don’t know  - just never did. Yet, I collect white dishes and love the cobalt blue items I have picked up over the last several years. I did use some of the white with Christmas and really enjoyed the look.

Doing this change after Christmas has been in the back of my mind for several months. It will not be something I use on a permanent basis – just a short fling of using some bling bling items!

Take a look!



100_5394100_5399  100_5400

100_5410100_5411 100_5451 




So far, I am liking this winter look. Certainly different than what I usually do – but that is okay that I change things up a bit with the new look.


My sweet husband and I are thinking about doing some remodeling in the kitchen…well, we would not do all of it – but part of it. Will get a price quote – then decide what all we can afford to have done. The kitchen still looks like it did when the house was built 33 years ago. Still has the same stained cabinets along with the same Formica…did get different vinyl flooring several years ago.  The kitchen is beginning to show the wear and tear from all the use during these years.


Stay warm – we are supposed to have snow in the next three or four days.



Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year



A new year,

new opportunities

to decorate in different

ways – what ever

your style.