Friday, October 29, 2010

Something Christmasy!


See what happens to this!


Will be showing the transformation in a day or so!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Something new


My fingers were itching to make another arrangement – I really did not have any place that needed something to suggest we are in the fall season. However, this did not stop me.


Such pretty colors!



This is where it is located this morning ~ who knows if it will stay there.


Question: Can one use too many candles in decorating!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dining Room Table

Because we use the table for practically every meal I try to keep the centerpiece simple.


To me the colors just say “FALL”.


You all have a fantastic day – remember to give praise to God for all he does!



                                                ~ Amelia ~

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New and Different

This last weekend found me (and my honey) at many yard sales. This item was one of the things that has a new home.  The original color had some browns and blacks…lots of faded spots.


Since my honey paints so much better than I do (yes, I really try) I asked him to paint it white. Not a good choice,  white did not want to stick…turned yellow in places …just a general mess. We then decided to put a coat of black – that looked better, ever better after the second coat…then a touch up of some more black.


My guess it is some sort of pedestal – you can place what ever on top.




It has metal, wicker like wood, and  bamboo like stuff. The height is  almost 32 inches and the top is nearly 11 inch square.


This top does not look square in the picture  - bad picture taking angle…as well as color…it is definitely a deep black.


Probably I will use this “odd pedestal thing” here in the computer room. Right now, it is next to the desk with a birdhouse  sitting on it.


Oh yes, forget to mention – the cost was $2.00 – being that cheap – I thought at the time I selected it not a lot of money involved so if it does not turn out like I had envisioned not much was lost.


What has been your latest yard sale find!