Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If I were rich…







I would have fresh flowers all the time.100_5849

We received these from our Sunday School

class this past Sunday.

I took an unexpected trip

to the ER by ambulance on Thursday night.

Leon had a throat procedure on Friday.

Northing serious for either of us.



We are truly blessed as this could have been bad news.


I saw no sense in separating these flowers

into a yellow bunch and still another red bouquet…just put them together.

Used the red candles from Valentine decorations

in the yellow candle sticks

( a recent purchase from Goodwill. Left some of the rest of Valentine

items to complete the look.


Marilyn said...

I am glad you and Leon are on the mend. That had to be scary for both of you. The flowers are beautiful and I agree, if we were rich, all the time! Take care and get back to 100% asap!

Hazel said...

The flowers are beautiful ,I to love fresh flowers and still have a lot from my birthday .What ever happened I'm glad you both are ok .You're in my thoughts and prayers .

Val said...

Oh I sure hope you both feel better soon. Praying for you.