Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Bunny Make-over

Last year after Easter

I checked out the sale items at

Hobby Lobby. Seems like

everything was 75% off.

Found this bunny rabbit…I

liked the cuteness and

different style.


However, when unpacking she/he

this year I was not found of the

drab colors of the accessories.



Took away the scarf, details on the base, and the ribbon on the hat.


Went on a chase through my sewing stuff as

well as my artificial flowers to add

some color and pizzazz.



Added a hand-made flower to the ears – already

looking better.

The straw hat got a band of chartreuse

rick-rack and a button flower.

Added some purple buttons down the

tummy line.

Decided with these it has to be a

girl bunny.


This shows the changes

some what better.


Thought about placing Miss Barbie Bunny



However, decided I like her better

between the tall skinny bunnies.


How did you decorate your bunny rabbits

this year?


Marilyn said...

WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE!! You sure improved on a cute bunny. No bunnies here yet.

Val said...

I am telling you that you amaze me!!! So darling.

Picket said...

Morning girl...love what you did with Miss Barbie! She is as cute as a 'Button'! I only have one bunny in the house and he is a burlap one..lol Thanks so much for coming by...hope you have a fantastic week sweetie...Picket